Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

This has been one tremendous year of blessings. I have found my courage to create my greatest heart desires in my life. I found my rhythm and I have been dancing in it in celebration. Life’s rhythms happen in an ebb and flow. We are either expanding or contracting. Expansion is a time of growth and having impact while contracting is a time of reflection and inner exploration as we prepare to expand again.

My expansion this year was different than in previous years. My expansion was larger and had greater impact on me as well as those around me. I have learned that when you find courage other’s find it too. When you love yourself it gives other’s permission to seek self love. When someone loves you it transforms your heart, opening you to brand new possibilities. These possibilities are the conduit for continuing the cycle. My life was filled with words like, Fabulous, Manifesting, Creating, Choice, Choose, Absolutely, Now, Peace, Love, Laughter, Wow and Fun.

During this important season of Thanksgiving, I want to express my sincere gratitude to those individuals who helped me, encouraged me, supported me and directed me, during my cycles of contracting and expanding this year. I made new friends, went into new social circles, open myself to change and even learned to say “yes” with vigor and “no” with love.

I feel the next contracting happening as we enter the Winter Solstice. During this time of increased darkness the light will be returning after Dec 22. This earth cycle gives us the opportunity to work in harmony with earth energy to contract in anticipation of expanding in the spring. The Light is the source of energy to contributes and supports our expansion and growth.

Thank you guys, thank you so much.

Much light and love,


Winter Solstice Celebration at my studio on Saturday December 20, 2014. Email me for details

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