My Temple

My Temple

Taking care of your temple is sometimes challenging. Your temple is your body. It is the physical space where your spirit resides temporarily while you are on this side of the veil. The body is a powerful machine and the master mechanic, the Universe made it perfect in every way. Maintaining perfection is where we come in. We are given this body for a lifetime – lifetime being whatever time we reside in it. I have not always did my best with my temple gift. I have eaten junk, not consumed enough water, experienced undo stress, not exercise regularly and for that I have suffered dis-ease. However once we know better, we can do better, I hope.

I have learned so much from my friends about nutrition. When I hit forty seven, I became concerned and made some changes. I met Drew McMillian at Crossfit Commitment on 16th and Halsted and now I am a Crossfit-er. I am know working on the food thing. My hand is up as I am jumping up and down stating “I am sugar, flour, corn junky.” I have tried many times without success to step away. I am trying again, this is my holy grail. I have mastered my life in so many ways. This food thing has been tough for me. I am no longer hiding, I am taking the shame out of this and putting it out there. I hope that my reveal will start the process of my recovery and success in overcoming my bad food addictions. I am taking my own personal challenge. Each day I will make the decision to be kind to myself and “consciously choose” to be better to my temple. I am a work in progress and this too will be another success story in my life. Send me good energy and positive thoughts for loving my temple by giving it good stuff and demonstrating my commitment in my behaviors.

Be well always


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