Share your gifts

Each days is an opportunity. An opportunity to continue to refine my gifts. We all have gifts. These gifts are meant to be shared. Often we hold them back, keep them hidden, out of shame or lack of confidence. The gifts we have are individualized and unique by nature. The Creator knows that we all are different and special.

My gifts are creativity, the ability to help others see beyond their current situation, inspire hope, and offer council that helps others move forward in their lives. I have not always had the confidence to make such a statement about my gifts. My journey started with my creativity. The more I created my art, the more I felt a sense of freedom to just be me. Creating took away my judgment of myself and replaced it with confidence, joy, excitement, and an overall sense of freedom. Freedom to say yes to me and everything about me. Creativity also created space for me to go inward and know who I am. This activity lead me to seeing the love of G-d in me and the beauty in all things around me.

Sharing opens the door to receiving. Share your gifts today and watch a whole new world open up to you. One like you have never experienced before.
Have a fabulous day.

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