Being Reflective

Every day and in every way I challenge mySELF to be reflective. Reflective of my decisions and actions. Offering myself a review of what I have created. Reflection is a function on my consciousness – knowing and taking responsibility for my life and all that is in it. Sometime I find that I have created thing by mistake, by not saying no, or just fooling around. Those creation are sometime comical and can be stressful. Now I am fully aware of my creations and I am purposeful to limit my creation to learning and living the good life. Most recently I created a situation that manifested so quickly that I was ready. I expressed gratitude for the swiftness of the events and re-created the situation to work at my current level. I am excited that I have had a glimpse of the situation and can prepare for total success.

Conscious living is my goal. I am integrating it into my life and how I live. I have commit to the following daily.

Meditation – focusing on my breathe or pray 30 mins (usually at 5am)

Creating something using my hands – art, jewelry,

Reading – inspirational information or books that help me focus on conscious living or spirituality

Smiling and seeing the beauty around me – nature (tree, sky, colors) people, places, situations

Practicing non judgment of myself and others – seeing things as they are and not as I want or would like them to be…

Practicing and expressing gratitude daily – saying thank you to the Divine, Spirit, People etc.

Life is filled with so much but I choose to have fun while living it to its fullest.

Be well…

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