Carman Weathington

“I look at a blank canvas for several days until I’m able to visualize the colors. Then I allow the colors on the canvas to express themselves to me until the piece is completed.”


Carman Weathington is a native Chicagoan whose family roots are in Natchez and Tupelo, Mississippi. She comes from a long line of “seers”, “prophets” and ministers. Born with a “veil” on her face, her mom told her that she was a special child, as the veil was considered to be a good omen; a blessing from God and the ancestors.

Although Carman’s family was highly spiritual, education was something that they valued greatly. Carman received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Xavier University and a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Roosevelt University. However, Carman was always captivated by creativity, healing and counseling others. Carman has always been intuitive and had a “sixth sense” about people, places and things. After being away from the canvas for over 10 years, Carman rediscovered her love for art. In 2012, she fell in love with art all over again after completing a piece that was previously left unfinished and spending an entire summer painting.

She describes her artistic process as “spiritually inspired”. Her work is conceptual; as people will interpret and feel myriad emotions when they experience it. Her desire is that her work will be a source of continual spiritual enlightenment, inspiration and healing for herself and all who view it.

Carman is an Artist, Life Coach, Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist , Reiki & Reflexology Practitioner, Tarot Reader,  and Jewelry and Note Card Designer.

Her creativity continues to evolve. Carman plans to expand herself into the area of public speaking and life skills teaching/seminars.

While working with Carman on developing her brand, I had the pleasure of experiencing the warm and enlightened creative who also provided great insight on my life and ways that I could move forward professionally and personally in my own endeavors. Carman is not only a phenomenal artist, but she is a great friend and advisor. I highly enjoyed working with Carman and look forward to future projects. Patrice K. Cokley

Founder, The Bassline Group