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Welcome to the online home of Chicago artist, Carman Weathington. Located in the city of Chicago on the corner of 57th and State Street, we are focused on bringing art and beauty to the area and building a creative community. What was once a dilapidated commercial building, the space is now the place where art, creativity and personal wellness breathes. Our goal is to not only create a Conscious Creative Community locally, but to encourage others to embrace art, creativity and the joys of being surrounded by a positive community.


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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

This has been one tremendous year of blessings. I have found my courage to create my greatest heart desires in my life. I found my rhythm and I have been dancing in it in celebration. Life’s rhythms happen in an ebb and flow. We are either expanding or contracting. Expansion is a time of growth and having impact while contracting is a time of reflection and inner exploration as we prepare to expand again. My expansion this year was different than in previous years. My expansion was larger and had greater impact on me as well as those around me. I have learned that when you find courage other’s find it too. When you love yourself it gives other’s permission to seek self love. When someone loves you it transforms your heart, opening you to brand new possibilities. These possibilities are the conduit for continuing the cycle. My life was filled with words like, Fabulous, Manifesting, Creating, Choice, Choose, Absolutely, Now, Peace, Love, Laughter, Wow and Fun. During this important season of Thanksgiving, I want to express my sincere gratitude to those individuals who helped me, encouraged me, supported me and directed me, during my cycles of contracting and expanding this year. I made new friends, went into new social circles, open myself to change and even learned to say “yes” with vigor and “no” with love. I feel the next contracting happening as we enter the Winter Solstice. During this time of increased darkness the light will be returning after Dec 22. This earth cycle gives us the opportunity to work in harmony with earth energy to contract...

My Temple

Taking care of your temple is sometimes challenging. Your temple is your body. It is the physical space where your spirit resides temporarily while you are on this side of the veil. The body is a powerful machine and the master mechanic, the Universe made it perfect in every way. Maintaining perfection is where we come in. We are given this body for a lifetime – lifetime being whatever time we reside in it. I have not always did my best with my temple gift. I have eaten junk, not consumed enough water, experienced undo stress, not exercise regularly and for that I have suffered dis-ease. However once we know better, we can do better, I hope. I have learned so much from my friends about nutrition. When I hit forty seven, I became concerned and made some changes. I met Drew McMillian at Crossfit Commitment on 16th and Halsted and now I am a Crossfit-er. I am know working on the food thing. My hand is up as I am jumping up and down stating “I am sugar, flour, corn junky.” I have tried many times without success to step away. I am trying again, this is my holy grail. I have mastered my life in so many ways. This food thing has been tough for me. I am no longer hiding, I am taking the shame out of this and putting it out there. I hope that my reveal will start the process of my recovery and success in overcoming my bad food addictions. I am taking my own personal challenge. Each day I will make the...

Least Resistance Transitions

Life is so about constant transition and adjustments. This is the part of life that is most challenging because as we fully integrate what we have just learned, it’s time to learn more. Most recently I was lead to re-read a book that I read over 15 years ago by Deepak Chopra, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” This is a very small but powerful text. Laws are different from rules, rules can by changed and/or modified, but Laws are constant and always prove to be the same, no matter what. The Law that I needed to reacquaint myself with was the” Law of Least Effort.” The Law is defined as follows: Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease….with carefree-ness, harmony and love. And when we harness the forces of harmony, joy and love, we create success and good fortune with effortless ease. This Law deals with least action and no resistances. I started practicing this law many years ago, but got very serious about it in the last three years. It has transformed my life and changed how I deal with the transitions. I have found that if I set my intentions, do the work in harmony with my intentions and allow without resistance, powerful outcome happen with little or no effort. I have also identified that the resistance when it does present itself, comes in the form of judgment and lack of trust. Judgment destroys intentions and lack of trust paralyses your actions. Intentions and harmonic actions are the two key elements of allowing – therefore practicing the Law of Least Effort. If we do not allow resistance...

Being Reflective

Every day and in every way I challenge mySELF to be reflective. Reflective of my decisions and actions. Offering myself a review of what I have created. Reflection is a function on my consciousness – knowing and taking responsibility for my life and all that is in it. Sometime I find that I have created thing by mistake, by not saying no, or just fooling around. Those creation are sometime comical and can be stressful. Now I am fully aware of my creations and I am purposeful to limit my creation to learning and living the good life. Most recently I created a situation that manifested so quickly that I was ready. I expressed gratitude for the swiftness of the events and re-created the situation to work at my current level. I am excited that I have had a glimpse of the situation and can prepare for total success. Conscious living is my goal. I am integrating it into my life and how I live. I have commit to the following daily. Meditation – focusing on my breathe or pray 30 mins (usually at 5am) Creating something using my hands – art, jewelry, Reading – inspirational information or books that help me focus on conscious living or spirituality Smiling and seeing the beauty around me – nature (tree, sky, colors) people, places, situations Practicing non judgment of myself and others – seeing things as they are and not as I want or would like them to be… Practicing and expressing gratitude daily – saying thank you to the Divine, Spirit, People etc. Life is filled with so much but...

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